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Hi There,

Hope everything good to all of you, we know the reopen day is coming, but in here , HsiangLun is never stop developing for breakthrough technology! Here we want to share more on the Arnitel.

Why we want to develop with Arnitel, the DSM product? One of the top is the film is extremely durable ,even we washed the fabric for over 50 times in 70°C, We still have it to be over 10,000Wp level, and won't tear off! Strong, and Durable ,which is much suitable if you want to promote in the outdoor market!

On the other hand, we all know we need to have much more protection in nowadays world, you all need to have better protection in all areas, and Arnitel itself can made into highest level of PPE clothing, but with their soft hand feel, it can be used in outdoor jacket, too. Not only comfort but with protection, you can refer to the testing report shown as below.

Let me make conclusion here, what the advantage here for the ARNITEL® VT

1. Environmentally friendly full ester recycling concept

2. Adopt Dutch DSM high permeability specification production

3. Good resistance to moisture permeable membrane

4. The moisture-permeable membrane is resistant to yellowing

5. Not easy to hydrolyze

6. The product has been used in the highest level of protective clothing

Contact us for more development, we're here do service for you!

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