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Dear all

We're now launching the new program in Non-Woven area, and proudly announced that EVOLON now is available for all customer to Hsiang Lun!

According to the official website, EVOLON has Endless bi-component filaments are spun, uniformly laid on a belt, then simultaneously split into microfilaments and entangled together with high pressure water jets, creating a fabric. Evolon® microfilament textiles perfectly combine key technical and textile advantages.

Here are more advantages as below;

* No solvents

* No chemical binders

* PVC-free

* Oeko-Tex 100 product class I certified (appendix 6)

The product also known as Durable alternative material generates less waste, WHICH is an excellent options for you to develop into green product!

Come to us for more information and samples! The product get potential in the future!!!

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