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New Development for the Fall and Winter

Hello, it's Hsiang Lun Again.

We know the depression and the inflation now make a huge impact to the world and the market, lots of stock in the ware house, but as Fabric enthusiast, we are still under lots of developing for the fabric, in order to get the right fabric for the current desire!


We do have our all new design and the collection shown on our website shown as below,


Not only for thermo purpose, which Compared with competitors' product, same construction by 50D polyester taffeta, we can have much stronger thermo function (↑11.29°C v.s. ↑5.09°C)。


We do have BREAKTHROUGH Waterproof technology waiting for your discover, and no need to mention that we are Blue Sign System Partner and GRS certificated supplier!


Contact us without hesitate, get your customer to have the best warm winter by our innovate technology!Hsiang Lun is here, and ready to have service to you! #textile#fabrics#fabric#polyester#thermo#warm#warming#fall#winter#outdoor

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