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Industrial Field Corn as a Renewable Feedstock for Bio-based Materials

DuPont is addressing the true root causes of food insecurity, from weak infrastructure to economic instability. And DuPont only sources sugars from increasingly resource-efficient industrial crops grown on already cultivated land to minimize indirect land impacts and leave the rest of the plant for useful


Susterra ® propanediol benefit

• Non toxic and food safe

• 100% sustainably and renewably sourced

• USDA 100% certified bio based product

• Susterra ® propanediol is renewably sourced and generates up to 50% less

greenhouse gas emissions over its life.

• Susterra ® propanediol can help companies fulfill their sustainably goals without compromising on quality across a variety of industrial applications, including:


Unsaturated polyester resins

Heat transfer fluids

Solar and Geothermal systems

Low temperature, food safe fluids

Engine coolants

Deicing fluids

Sourcing : Http:// based_Propanediol/Zh_TW/

Want to know more how we can run Susterra? Contact us for mire information that we could show you more on this sustainable product!

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