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The is one the best of TPEE film. . This film specialized at breathability, most of TPEE film can’t be breathable, but this one is something can be. We had tested in JIS method that show it can be 20000g/mvp, which can make people to be comfort during wearing the clothing laminated with Arnitel.

Brief for the film itself we had listed as below

1. Environmentally friendly full ester recycling concept

2. Adopt Dutch DSM high permeability specification production

3. Good resistance to moisture permeable membrane

4. The moisture-permeable membrane is resistant to yellowing

5. Not easy to hydrolyze

6. The product has been used in the highest level of protective clothing

BTW, This film is extremely durable ,even we washed the fabric for over 50 times in 70°C, We still have it to be with good level, furthermore it won't be tear off!

Strong, and Durable ,which is much suitable if you want to promote in the outdoor market! We know Carhartt looks for something which is durable, and this one may be suitable for Carhartt’s development.

Contact with us for more information, and we do believe that it will be the future in the outdoor criteria, don't be hesitate or be too late to win the market!

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