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Water-Based coating for the future 適合未來發展的水性上膠

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

As the coating technology started to be with textile industry, it has been several decades, solvent coating is the major way for us to coat PU on the fabric. Though the hand feel is good, and the cost is lower for waterproof, but it does cause air pollution and the water pollution to Earth.

Now we have developed and spend much more time to make water-based coating to be one of the options of coating market, one of the most advantage is less about 90% of air pollution compared to the traditional coating methods, and we can still keep good hand feel for back pack or garment purpose. The price will be a little higher, but it truly worthy to make the environment to be better.

Come to try on our water-based coating product, we can do on woven fabric, and the knit fabric, for more details you can email us on the development.

隨著塗料技術開始進入紡織工業的發展,幾十年來溶劑塗料是我們在織物上塗PU的主要方式。 雖然對防水布料來說手感好、成本低,但確實造成空氣污染和對地球的水污染。

現在我們已經開發並花費了更多的時間、成本來使水性塗料成為塗料市場的選擇之一,與傳統的塗料方法相比,最大的優勢之一是減少約90%的空氣污染,在此同時 仍然保持良好的手感為背包或服裝目的。 價格會高一些,但對於保護地球來說是值得的。


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