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Time for New Development on Water-Based Coating!

Say good bye to 2020, which is a horrible year to all of you, we know the business has been totally ruined by this Coronavirus, you may worry that there are no more new items coming up, and people are afraid to make some change anymore.

We are here to make some changes! We're one of the best textile suppliers which still developing and researching for new fabrics during this pandemic. To this beginning of 2021, we want to introduce again for the Water-Based coating for outdoor & industrial textile purpose!

I don't need to mentioned again that Water-Based coating can be almost 0 of air pollution, and we have combined with Solution-Dyed fabric which there are no air pollution in dyeing, too. We have make some breakthrough here, Our Water-based coating can meet 3000mm wp level and to be more washable than what you have before. Though still can't be same as solvent coating product, but still one to be a reliable solution for the sustainable development.

Thread of the sustainability can't be stoppable, and the technology can help us to move into another generation for this purpose. Get some sample and develop on this one, you won't regret for this, no need to believe me, you can refer to the video shown in this article then make the decision!

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