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After long time waiting, the new item with Tyvek fabric is available to go.

You may question that how we take so long to get this on the market, as the virus go, too many items wait in the line for certification, but many of those are failed, we need to provide the correct item for PPE, which is something we need to use to save life!!!

Tyvek is one of the best martial can make into PPE program, and also can be reusable, we don't want to make something for disposable which leave too much pollution after this Virus, which we don't have time to wait to build up new Earth, so we need to protect this together.

To The film (Arnitel) we used, can be breathable, one of the difference is the film for the protective film is non-breathable, but Arnitel is different from those, which is breathable that can make it to be more comfort compared with other in this area.

We can provide the testing report by request, don't be hesitate to contact us for development, we are in Taiwan, and we are all ready to help.

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