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New Eco-Friendly yarn Fabric on board 新環保紗上路

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

  • HsiangLun Proudly announced that we are officially launch the program of PP Dyeable yarn, powered by Cool Vision. Which with Environmentally friendly, super wicking, and excellent hand feel, you won't regret to do development on it!

For More info, please refer to the Website of Cool Vision, and if you need any development based on the PP, will be our pleasure to work with you!

我們正式推出由Cool Vision的PP染色紗布料可供您選擇。環保,排汗,極佳的手感等特質,都值得您參考跟開發。

欲了解更多信息,請參閱Cool Vision網站,如果您需要任何基於PP的開發,我們很高興與您合作!

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