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Meet Susterra®, Performance from the Nature!

Hi there,

Me, again, I'm gonna to introduce another product which had operated for a while in HsiangLun, which is stable and with high quality in Biodegradable criteria.

According to Dupont :

Susterra ® propanediol is renewably sourced and generates up to 50% less

greenhouse gas emissions over its life. Susterra ® propanediol can help

companies fulfill their sustainably goals without compromising on quality

across a variety of industrial applications, including:


*Unsaturated polyester resins

*Heat transfer fluids

*Solar and Geothermal systems

*Low temperature, food safe fluids

*Engine coolants

*Deicing fluids

What the Susterra® propanediol benefits include


•Petroleum free

•Non toxic and food safe

•100% sustainably and renewably sourced

•USDA 100% certified bio based product Plus.

We have run this with Nylon, Supplex, Polyester for a while, and be good if you need the fabric to be with outdoor jacket, if you are looking for something green with performance, Susterra will be one of the best for your options! HsiangLun has several options with BLUESIGN partners if you need the product to be with Eco-Friendly fabric, be free to contact us, that we can help you on all development!

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