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Meet L2 THERMO, the BEST thermo choice for Textile!

We are now promoting L2 THERMO,The additive works by additive, L2 THERMO is about WARMING and TEMPERATURE difference. The additive can react to the heat, the chemical react of the additive will make the heat stored inside the yarn, and heat up the yarn, the principle is absorb then react to warm up then so on, that makes difference compared to the competitors, which are about insulation, keep cold outside, make the heat stocked only.

Compared with our competitors, but their finishing does not last more than 20 washing cycles. L2 THERMO lasts beyond 500 (!) washing cycles = permanent, and L2 THERMO has better warming properties.

L2 THERMO Product line explained below.

*L2.BLK grey = +13°C warming (test conditions)

*L2.XRD white = +6°C warming

*L2 grey Spun yarn (ring / worsted spinning): exceeds

*L2.BLK warming because there is more additive in staple fibers

*L2 padding in various weights (better and warmer than all competitors from S.Korea / USA)

Contact us for more information, and we can offer the best price with excellent quality of L2 THERMO!

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