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Knitting for Something New! 一起來開發新的針織品吧!

HsiangLun has lot of knitting items which from tricot to Fleece, Jersey to Terry, with different yarn construction, and different component, to fit from lining to the jacket.

We believe you will be satisfied with our knitting fabric if you are searching for a reliable supplier in textile business. 

You will never regret to cooperate with us because we are one of the expert textile partner in Taiwan with the latest knowledge and a superior team.  If you have any inquiries, we are ready to provide further details upon request.



您永遠不會後悔與我們合作,因為我們是台灣專業的紡織合作夥伴之一,擁有最新的知識和優秀的團隊。 如果您有任何疑問,我們隨時準備根據您的要求提供更多詳細信息。

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