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Cooling With Extreme!- L5 Cooling Product!

Hello There, How has you been? We're here to introduce one of best Product from Litrax again for you.

As you already know, we are one of the developing partner with Litrax in Taiwan, and this yarn compared with other cooling items which added xylitol, cooling wont stay for long time, we have a better solution than xylitol alone, as xylitol chemical is not reversible, that means after a while it loses effectiveness rapidly in high heat environment, but we can supply a better solution. These are the most recommended solutions:

YARNS with cooling effect could be:

L5 PA6 DTY 70D/48F round cross section (best)

L5 PBT DTY 75D/68F stretchable, hexagonal cross section

L5 PES DTY 75D/68F hexagonal cross section, or wicking 4-lobal (+) cross section

L5 PES DTY 75D/68F super dry mixed cross section, for cooling + coolmax type super dry function

L5 recycled PET DTY 75D/68F , dito

We also have finishing solution-

L5 COOLING finishing liquid for all fibers and polymers. Ideally combined with above yarns for DOUBLE cooling effect!

(the L5 COOLING is currently used by IKEA on mattress ticking today and in final discussion for Nike 2021/22 collections)

We can do the development by your requirement, the yarn available, we can have the sample for your testing within a short time.

Don't be hesitate to contact us, that we can do more then your expected!

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